Experts in industrial automation

Experts in industrial automation

Our capability and expertise is focused on process efficiency and resilience, we design PLC and SCADA systems to meet the safety functionality and performance requirements of complex industrial processes.

Innovation in control and connectivity

GPS Links has been delivering innovative PLC solutions for more than twenty years, from the first Simocode based MCC in the UK water industry in 2000, to present-day multi network PLCs and SCADA/clients. 

We design configure and programme PLC systems that provide comprehensive monitoring, control and comms capabilities for individual machines, processes and networked systems.

High-integrity software and systems integration services

Looking for new systems, upgrades and modifications, synchronisation of multi-vendor and legacy equipment, and 24/7 support.

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Experts in industrial automation

PLC Deliverables

We provide end to end services from project definition, network architecture and topology structures to component selection, coding and user interfaces including…

<p>HMI design – intuitive to use, easy to navigate</p>

HMI design – intuitive to use, easy to navigate

Development. Software and systems
  • Functional design specification FDS - development and updating from design phase to as built copy, with signed iFAT, cFAT, sFAT options
  • I/O Schedules - developed for PLCs and communications networks 
  • System design – including network architecture, topology structures, IP schedule
  • Hardware and comms configuration – component selection and network configuration to customer specification
  • PLC programming – supported by custom and proprietary function block libraries
  • HMI screen design – supported by HMI face plate library
<p>HMI screen - clearly presented data for well-defined situation awareness</p>

HMI screen - clearly presented data for well-defined situation awareness

Build and integration
  • Software testing – simulation, cFAT hardware-panel, on site and remote testing
  • Control, ICA and telemetry panel design-build – provided by General Panel Systems
  • Cable design / schedule – electrical and communications
  • Implementation and commissioning – site based and remote commissioning 
  • O&M documentation – as built drawings and component data
  • Training – HMI/SCADA operator training and manuals
  • 24/7 Support – site and remote support
PLC Deliverables

Flexible scalable and highly responsive SCADA solutions

GPS Links has extensive experience of plant wide control systems, best in class software including WinCCOA, Aveva-Wonderware and Ignition, and deep understanding of SCADA data collection, analysis, diagnostics and reporting functions. 

Visualise control and optimise your process

Our services include advice and input to system design, assisting with network architectures, IP schedules, URS/FDS and hardware selection through to completion and documentation. 

Programming extends from single CPU setups to dual-redundant PLCs and multi-PLC architectures. Security, from local HMI/PLC to remote connectivity. And, data history-recording from trending data to automated reports.  

All our SCADA systems are designed as platforms capable of expanding in scale and function to meet changing requirements.

SCADA Deliverables

  • FDS
  • Network design and integration
  • Process and system visualisation - interface design for SCADA screens
  • Configuration of tags and alarms
  • Implementation and commissioning
  • Databases
  • OPCs
  • Reporting
  • Rockwell automation

SI experience+ expertise

We work with wide range of PLC SCADA and network technologies serving process industry customers in regulated water, power generation, mining and quarrying, and manufacturing sectors including automotive, food and beverage, and packaging.

Adoption of industry 4.0 technologies offer a step change in data acquisition, analytics and accessibility - connecting people with data across IT platforms, industrial devices and geography for faster and more accurate decision making. 

Protecting critical applications and managing change

GPS Links provides a broad range of maintenance and support services including remote monitoring and phone support, fault finding and 24/7 call out on contract or pay as you go terms.

Our aim is to predict failure before it happens. Contract packages focus on preventative support to maintain the availability of critical applications, manage changes and improvements, and provide a fast response for corrective actions.

Maintenance and Support Services
  • Functionality enhancements
  • Performance optimisation
  • Lifecycle updates
  • Bug fixes and trouble-shooting
  • Component fixes
  • Technology migrations

Quality and reliability across systems and data

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